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July/August 2017

The bites have been up and down but that's lake wide; more fish should move in ahead of spawning. Some of the action is coming down 35 feet to the bottom between 80 to 120 feet. The riggers are set from the bottom up to 60 feet. They are pulling fish again and again now.

Two Rivers charter fishing is starting to see more Chinooks, with the 4-year olds averaging about 17 pounds and some over 21 pounds. They're putting up a huge fight because they are well fed. Some captains have pulled 4 or more nice Rainbows at 14, 15, and 18 pounds. The trout have been a good size too with several right around 16 pounds. The fishing should remain firm over the next several weeks as fish start to get ready to spawn.

We have about 1 more month of good fishing this season, so now is the time to book your charter before we pull the boats out for the winter months. Hopefully our winter around here won't be as bad as last year! Call us at 920.792.1053 to book your charter fishing adventure. Charter fishing reservations can be taken at anytime. So if you want those prime fishing months next year, we suggest you book early; summer months fill up quickly!


June 2017

Fishing has been great!  We have been having much success north out of the port of Two Rivers just off the light in 100’ to 200’ of water.  Fishing in the top half of the water column.

Big problem of the week: Clients didn't have enough cooler space to get their nice catch home!

We had a trip on Saturday morning in the dense fog.  We motored south to 80 feet of water and started setting lines.  By the time we hit 100 feet, we had our first fish of the day on.  A 15lb king found its way into our cooler.  A short while later an 18lb king hit our deep downrigger.  We rounded out the day with 7 fish total.  5 kings, 1 lake trout, and a rainbow.  It looks like summer has finally arrived and the fishing is getting better every day!

Fishing out of the Port of Two Rivers would be ranged as fair to moderate. In between the wind and storms, catches are coming in anywhere from 5 to 15 fish. All being a mix bag of rainbows, lakers, and kings. Even some of the kings are tipping the scales over twenty.

Depths of 70 to 150 are being worked using flasher flys in combos of green and white with some of the bows - take orange spoons on the surface.


Another happy customer! June 21, 2014:

"We want to thank Two Rivers Charter Fishing Association for setting up a wonderful trip of fishing! We appreciate that Two Rivers Charter Fishing Association (Michelle) reserved a room at the Lighthouse Inn. It was very convenient to be able to walk to the marina to meet up with our charter. We had a great time and enjoyed the experience of fishing on Lake Michigan. We had great weather also. Our captain and his firstmates did a tremendous job of finding fish for us. We surely will be coming back again.

Thank you,
Kim and Kent L.

August 2013 

Even with a late start of summer, the fishing has been pretty good. The month of August felt more like June around here. Still the amazing captains know where to fish, and the many years of experience between all 9 captains prove we are still the best in providing customers with the best quality and fun charter fishing adventures in Two Rivers. Two Rivers Charter Fishing Association will be back next year for some of the finest fishing so book your charter today, we fill up fast!


Throw that on the grill!

For August the average charter fishing has provided 10-11 fish per trip with some sizable Kings, Cohos, and Rainbows mostly between 100 and 300' run 50' down. Surface temperatures are about 60-65, a bit lower farther out.

Now is the time to book your charter fishing adventure with Two Rivers Charter Fishing Association before the close of season. September brings the Salmon in from the rivers and they don't call them Kings for nothing! We run charters morning and afternoon, 7 days a week.

The weekend of August 30-31 those who have booked their charters may see the amazing 8th Annual "2013 Kites Over Lake Michigan" an annual event that attracts people from all over the world. That runs Friday and Saturday at Neshotah Beach in Two Rivers.

July 11

Fishing action off Two Rivers, WI can be rated on the upper side of fair to good. But it depends on who you are and where you go.

Surface water temperatures are heating up to around 66 to 69 degrees with a thermocline down 25 to 40 feet and drops to 52 to 55 degrees.

Fishing action for most of July held a nice average per trip, we found some nice Kings in 80 to 110 feet of water.

June 12

Stable weather and calm seas this past 6 days gave way to some of the best action we have seen this year.

I rate the fishing action off the shores of Two Rivers, WI as good. Surface water temperatures are climbing daily from 45-48 degrees last week to 51-53 degrees as of today 6/12/13.

A mixture of Cohos, Rainbows, Lakers and Kings up to 25 pounds are in our area. Fishing anywhere from 70 to 250 feet of water a little south of Two Rivers working the entire water column.

Charter Fishing Lake Michigan, WI

Two Rivers Charter Fishing Association


June 5, 2013

What a terrible start to the 2013 salmon fishing season.  Here it is June 5th and we are still in snowmobile suits, but the fishing action is getting better every day.

We rate the fishing action off Two Rivers on the upper side of fair to good.

Some very nice catches came in this past weekend; a mixture of Rainbows, Lakers, Cohos and Kings pushing the 25 pound mark were common.

Surface water temperature is still rather cold for this time of year, anywhere from 45-48 degrees.

20+ lb King Two Rivers, WI Charter

With this cold water present, the fish are scattered anywhere
from 50 to 300 feet of water, but when you find them, it's hot action!



Father and Son Go Fishin!

We had an absolutely outstanding time and had a tremendous amount of success with the captains.

The primary reason for the trip was the experience for my 13 yr old son and he caught what the captain thought
was a T.R. Derby winning or at least top three Coho, as well as his own weight in Kings. Attached a few of the pictures.
Scott V.E., August 7, 2012




July 9, 2012

The lake just turned over from its spring pattern to a summer pattern.


A strong north wind today warmed our water out to 80 feet to 65 degrees from top to bottom, but I still rate the fishing action from the upper side of fair to good.  It's time to go searching for the deep water bite.

June was a great month running 31 trips and boating a record setting 21 Lakers, 72 Cohos, 1 Brown, 62 Rainbows and 368 Kings for a total of 524 fish.  The averages per trip came to a whopping 17.5 fish on morning trips and 19 fish per trip average on afternoons.

We fished every day this past week and with warming water our averages fell to 13 fish per trip, still not bad.  We worked relatively shallow water from 40 to 70 feet, either direction - a little north or south of Two Rivers working the entire water column. Best baits for us were fly / flasher combinations, Bechhold and Sons fish catcher flashers in white, blue, and green glow with matching flys produced 80% of our catch.


June 20, 2012

Well people right now is the time to book your next charter.

We have been fishing just north of two rivers with excellent results.  We have been catching everything except brown trout. Fished last night and within 4 hours we had are limit of rainbows and kings.  We also had one 13lb. Lake Trout. For more info about the Two Rivers Charter Fishing Association, call or e-mail Michelle she will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

June 16, 2012

Fishing action remains very good along the Lake Michigan shoreline from Two Rivers to Manitowoc. June is a great time of year to get your "Grand Slam", one of each species!

Two Rivers Charter Fishing Association

Surface water temperatures are just perfect, holding around 52 to 55 degrees anywhere you go. With steady water temperatures from the shore out to 200 feet of water, the fish are scattered, but when you find them, the action is fast.  Many excellent reports from 30 to 100 feet of water are coming in daily.

We fished almost every day this past week holding an impressive 19 fish per trip average.  Some days we ended up early with limit catches. A mixture of Kings, Cohos, Rainbows and Lakers made us strain to get the cooler off the boat.

We fished just north of Two Rivers in 40 to 100 feet of water working the entire water column.

Get out and enjoy this great action yourself or give us a call and be prepared to work!

Good Luck and Good Fishing

May 27, 2012

Right now we can call Lake Michigan a fish factory and we rate the fishing action as excellent!  We never have seen this kind of early season action in May before, we just hope it continues thru June.


May 27-- 28 kings (20 were 4 year olds) 1 Coho 1 Rainbow Trout= 30 fish.  May 28--21 Kings, 1 Coho, 1 Rainbow= 29 fish.  May 29--14 Kings, 1 Coho, 1 Rainbow and a Laker= 17 fish by 6:30 AM.  That’s a whopping 23 fish per day averageBest baits were spoons in orange and green. As for Flashers, Bechhold and Sons Fish Catchers  11" version did an excellent job, off deep riggers.  Their white /glow and blue /glow with matching Joey flys had numerous hits.

Good Luck and Good Fishing
Two Rivers Charter Fishing May 27 Catch


May 25, 2012

Fishing action for Trout and Salmon continues to be very good off the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in Two Rivers, WI.


 Surface water temperatures are really starting to heat up fast.  I just hope not too fast which will hurt this excellent early spring action we are seeing now.

We only fished once this week on Wednesday, May 23rd.  With very few boats in the water and little information on where to go, we said let’s just go fishing.  Our trip started slow with just a few small ones in the box by sun up, but once that hay maker peeked over the horizon the big boys started to feed.  Doubles and a few triples kept us busy.  We ended up with 4 Coho, 4 Lakers, 7 Rainbows and 10 nice four year old Kings, our 5 man limit!

We fished just north of Two Rivers from 70 to 200 feet of water, working the entire water column.

Best baits for us in spoons were Moon Shine lures.  These super glow baits works great from before sun up to after dark.  Their Tangerine Tarzan, Bloody Nose and Wonder Bread worked great.  In flashers, Bechhold and Sons 11 inch Fish Catcher Flashers in white / glow and blue / glow worked excellent off deep riggers while their 8” version produced numerous hits off pump handles.  All had aqua Joey flys trailing behind. 

Good Luck and Good Fishing,

May 20, 2012


We fished yesterday afternoon.
We had a phenomenal afternoon of fishing. We ended up landing a 3 person limit of 15 salmon in 3.5 hours of fishing. Fly-dodgers worked very well and all colors were working.


May 18, 2012

Fishing action out of the Port of Two Rivers, WI on Lake Michigan remains good to very good.

May is usually a transition month from our spring, near shore Brown and Laker fishing to our Salmon season, which usually starts around Memorial Day when the water temperatures approach the 50-52 degree mark.  For the past three years the Kings were arriving in our area in early May. Reason? They could be enjoying the beautiful beaches we have along the Lakeshore or the massive schools of spawning alewives (bait fish) we have right now invading our shore lines.

Surface water temperatures along the shore out to 50 feet is around 50 degrees while out in 70 to 200 feet of water it drops to the mid 40's.

Wednesday, May 16, in the afternoon; boating only six nice Kings, but Thursday the 17th, a.m. trip was a little
different. After a slow start and only 1 for 8 ... things heated up. Doubles and triples were common. We ended the morning with 13 Kings, 1 Coho and 1 Laker by 8AM. We fished from 90 to 200 feet of water a little north of Two Rivers working the bottom 2/3 of the water column.

Best baits in flashers were Bechhold and Son Flashers in blue / glow, white/ glow and their Big Kahunas with spin N glows in white /glow with aqua Screemer Flys behind. Spoons by Warrior Lures also did an excellent job. Their orange Easter egg, glow puke, and green froggy worked great.

Good Luck and Good Fishing

May 3, 2012

Fishing action off the western shores of Lake Michigan from Two Rivers to Manitowoc remain good to very good, whenever Mother Nature lets us get out.

This past April turned out to be one of the best early King bites I've ever seen.  Usually April fishing is a combination of Browns and Lakers with a bonus King mixed in.  But this year, the Kings moved in early, 60% of our catch were Salmon 30% Browns and 10% Lakers.

Water temperatures in the near shore water is holding around 46 to 48 degrees while out deeper past 50 feet it's dropped to that 42 degree mark.

Boats reporting in from April 28 & 29 had good results.  The Reel Easy had over 30 hits and put 11 Kings and 2 Browns in the cooler on Saturday.  Boats in 50 to 60 feet of water also reporting nice action for Kings and Lakers. Best baits again this week was a combination of spoons and stick baits in orange, yellow, blue and silver.

If this action continues, May should be excellent.  But weather plays a big part in May.  Storm systems can shut down the action overnight and make fishing tough. Fishing in May can be feast or famine but we guarantee you we will try our best.

Good Luck and Good Fishing

April fishing off Two Rivers is starting off with a big bang, and the Kings are big and mean.

With warmer than normal spring, the Browns have been hitting in the near shore waters since mid February.  But as April rolled in, so did the Kings.

Cool City Express made its maiden trip of the year this past Friday April 13th, pre-fishing for a Brown Trout tournament on Saturday.

We set up as soon as we broke the pier heads and headed south.  Not 3 lines in the water and "fish on" was yelled.  A nice 3 lb Brown.  After we got our 16 line setup out, I got a phone call, "come north the Kings are a mile north of you."  Once we got in that area we found a 2 degree temperature break from 45 to 47 degree and did it hold fish!  After 6 hours of fishing we had over 40 hits and put 7 Kings up to 18 lbs, 7 Browns and 4 Lakers.  We never got deeper than 20 feet of water.

Like any early season trip, conditions can change overnight.  Saturday, (tournament day) we set out before light and fished the same water as Friday, the fish were gone so we headed north.  3 hours later we had our first bite.  By noon we ended up 15 bites, 7 Browns, a nice 18 lb King and 2 Lakers. Good enough for 3rd place.  All the fishing again was less than 20 feet of water.

Best baits for us were stick baits and spoons in orange, green, blue and chartruese.  It should be an excellent year so book your charters soon!

Good Luck and Good Fishing